Bombol Foldable Pop-Up Booster with messy kid

Don't ban kids. Ban bad design.

Bulky high chairs and cheap plastic boosters can obstruct your staff and clash with your interior design. But the answer to catering for kids isn't banning them or 'down-grading' them. It's Bombol.

Our mission is to free parents up to have more fun with their kids. And a big part of that is making sure our products are perfectly built for the places they want to go.

That's why all our products are light, intuitive and a joy to use, all with very specific benefits for businesses like yours.

Bombol Foldable Pop-Up Booster on shelf with menu

We work for your business

Let’s be honest, what works at home doesn’t work for high-end restaurants or hotels. Most kids’ products are simply too heavy, bulky and ugly to deliver the experience you want.

So here’s the deal: we promise a range of products designed to delight your guests and staff while you help us fill the world with sparky parents.

And because we want to be a partner, not just a supplier, we’ll promote your business on our website, so parents know where they’ll get a warm welcome.


Pop-up booster

Our booster takes up no more space than a small menu when it's folded and pops open with a flourish the second you need it. Enjoy all the benefits of catering for families without the plastic clutter in the corner.


Bamboo bouncer

Our Bamboo Bouncer is the perfect way to keep kids comfy. It works for babies right up to five year-olds. It's also stackable, so when it's not needed, it's not in the way